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About Us.

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Deyaf Foundation

The Deyaf Foundation was created through the support of Feniex Industries. Feniex Industries is a team of 110 wonderful people located in Austin, Texas, who change lives by manufacturing innovative, American-made products for the world’s toughest jobs.

"We are the most talented, dedicated and hardest working team you will ever find. Out of all of Feniex's successes, the most rewarding part is our ability to use our resources to help those in need."

- Hamza Deyaf, President and CEO of Feniex Industries


Deyaf Foundation

The Deyaf Foundation understands the great importance and responsibility of giving back. We do this because we are passionate about helping others and want to make an impact on the world, especially our community.

Deyaf Foundation


Deyaf Foundation

Our Mission is to reach as many individuals and organizations as we possibly can. We take incredible pride in our community and all those connected to it. We strive to grow our operation by 20% each year and we hope to work with you along the way!

Deyaf Foundation
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